BH3 is built first and foremost on the principle that extraordinary things can happen when great relationships are built.

As founders, Daniel Lebensohn and Greg Freedman formed the core of the business not on deal making alone but rather on relationships through which deals emerged, starting first with their own unique bond. Each transaction is formed from relationships whose fabric is woven from threads of time, integrity, honesty, admiration, and trust.

BH3’s purpose is to undertake distinctive projects and investments that are often complex, which enable the company to create value for ourselves and our investors through the aggregation of our team’s unique skill sets. Embracing and overcoming challenges and obstacles with unique solutions distinguishes us from others, and this is only possible with an incredible corporate team complimented by like-minded partners and vendors. In doing so, we strive to govern ourselves with the integrity and transparency that has been instrumental in establishing BH3 as the solid brand and real estate development company it is today, and in kind where we have continuously delivered outsized investment returns to our investment partners and our sponsorship. We are driven and humbled by gratitude while always being ambitious in our endeavors.

Finally, we are energized from a strong desire for perpetual growth and enjoyment through learning, not only for financial gain but with an eye toward making a positive impact to those around us and in those communities where we invest.


South Florida Office

Gregory Freedman


Daniel Lebensohn


Michael Neumann

Head of BH3 Realty

New York Office

Steve Hackel

Managing Director

Neil Ellner

Project Manager